RushMedia, based in Rotterdam and founded in 2010, is specialised in delivering state of the art web technology and customized promotional products, such as: business cards, envelopes and lanyards. With this combination of expertise, RushMedia can deliver a website which matches your shiny new business cards, or design business cards which complement your existing website. This makes RushMedia an ideal partner in establishing your corporate identity both online and off.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity

So you finally have a shiny new website which reflects the great quality of your company. But there's only one problem: your business cards are now awefully outdated. Don't you worry! RushMedia can create all the necessary promotional products to complete your corporate identity, matching your offline identity to your existing online one!


Today websites play an important role in providing potential customers with the ability to find out more information about you and your company. This makes it very important to have a website which reflects the quality of the company. In other words: quality services and products deserve a quality website. RushMedia helps you in establishing your company's online presence.


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